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Disney’s Hollywood auditions: Big time, big-time, big time

Disney has auditions for its upcoming television dramas “Halloween” and “Big Time” in Spanish, the broadcaster said on Tuesday.

Disney has made “Hollyoaks” and other animated series available in English on YouTube, and it is working with Spanish-language broadcaster Univision on its Spanish-speaking animated series “Laguna”.

It is also partnering with a Spanish-based production company to produce Spanish-style episodes of its animated TV series “Mermaid”.

The new Spanish-Language episodes of “Hollywood” and the animated series will be made available on YouTube and the Disney Channel on November 29, Disney said in a statement.

“Disney has signed an agreement with Univision for Spanish-themed Disney Channel television series and animated series that will air on the Disney channel, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior in the Spanish-dominant region of Spain,” Disney said.

“In the Spanish language, the series will feature the voices of the original characters and the voice actors from the Disney films and Disney animated television series.

Disney also plans to release the Spanish version of ‘Hollywood’ on the channel, which is available in Spanish for the first time.”

Disney and Univision are developing a series of Disney Channel specials for Spanish television and digital platforms.

The announcement comes after Disney released an audio version of the audio version from a Spanish radio station on Monday.

It has been reported that Disney plans to introduce Spanish-to-English subtitles in “Hands of Winter”, which will be released later this year.

Disney also has plans to launch its own Spanish-produced TV series, and has been in talks with Univion about producing animated series.

The US-based entertainment conglomerate has a massive following in Latin America, with the “Hercules” film series, “A Christmas Carol” and others.

It is currently producing its first animated series for television, which will premiere on ABC in 2018.

The Disney Channel is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV devices, Windows, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple Watch, Xbox One, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPad mini, iPhone SE, and Apple TV Stick.

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