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Georgia auditor says audit alcohol will continue

Georgia’s auditor has said that alcohol will not be a factor in the audit of Fulton County’s auditors office.

Auditors in Fulton County are still investigating how they were able to collect a staggering $5.4m from liquor distributors, including about $3.8m in sales taxes and $1.4bn in sales commissions.

The audit, which was launched last month, focused on the handling of liquor distributors’ sales taxes.

Auditor Barbara Lutz said the audit was still ongoing.

“We have not made a determination as to what occurred, but we will continue to investigate,” she said.

“I would encourage anyone who is concerned about their own taxes, or that of a family member, to contact us at 888-878-4222.”

In December, Fulton County Auditor Lutz also raised concerns about a $5m payout that a liquor distributor paid to the county’s treasurer, which she said could have led to corruption in the county.

“If this money had gone to a political campaign, it could have been used to influence decisions about where to invest money in a particular area of the county,” she wrote in a letter to Fulton County Treasurer Josh Haines.

“The amount is not small, but it is an important component of what we do, and the county cannot afford to lose this money.”

The auditors also found evidence that a Fulton County auditor was trying to get rid of the auditors who were in charge of the audit.

“In recent years, Fulton county auditor [Kathy] Tressel has been trying to fire all of the people in charge and replace them with a small number of former auditors,” Lutz wrote.

“These are the same people who have been in charge for the last 15 years.

We have been unable to get their names removed from the list of those who were fired.”

When I spoke to Kathy yesterday, she said she had no intention of firing anyone, and she said the auditing process would continue.

“Ms Tressell did not respond to requests for comment.


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