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Why the DOJ and FBI are using Google’s own auditing tool to check whether their own agencies are auditing their own officials

The Justice Department and FBI have used Google’s audit tool to verify whether their employees are up to speed on the latest government policies, according to newly disclosed documents.

The DOJ’s audit manager, Chris Hannon, and FBI director Christopher Wray have been using Google Audit Suite to verify policies and procedures since the summer of 2015, according an inspector general’s report obtained by The Hill.

The inspector general, Elizabeth O’Bagy, also found that the FBI was using the tool to confirm whether FBI agents are “comfortable” with certain policies and regulations.

The FBI’s inspector general also found instances in which it used the tool in “compliance” and “compliance oversight” to verify the agency’s policies.

O’Brien found that while the FBI’s audit tools are used to confirm policies, they are not used for oversight, and the tools are not reviewed for errors.

“The FBI has consistently used Google Audit for compliance oversight and oversight,” O’Connor wrote.

“This appears to be the case in the circumstances where the FBI has verified that the compliance oversight tool is working properly.”

Google Audit, which is owned by Google Inc., is a suite of tools for auditing companies and government agencies.

It’s used by more than 150,000 agencies worldwide and is used by all but the largest of companies.

The tools are free, but the FBI and DOJ are paying for them with $2.5 million in taxpayer money.

OBrien also found multiple instances where the tools were used to verify compliance oversight reports for FBI field offices, but she did not make those cases public.

The Justice and FBI departments have not provided copies of any of the inspector general reports that she found.

The IG’s report also raised questions about whether the FBI is using Google audits in compliance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which requires the FBI to audit foreign intelligence targets.

The report also noted that the DOJ’s Audit Manager, Chris Cuspert, told O’Neill that he used Google audits to “validate” the FBI in a 2016 audit of the FBI National Academy of Sciences.

OCC’s audit manual states that auditing must be “fair and transparent.”

“The auditing process is transparent and includes a process for selecting and reviewing the audited reports,” it reads.

“In this instance, the audit manager did not provide the IG with an audit report, but he did not explicitly deny using Google audit tools to validate the accuracy of the report.”

OCC also noted in its report that the Justice Department did not have a copy of the audit report that Cusert was using, but it found that he had used Google audit to “assess compliance with current policies” for the agency.

OIG said that Cispert told OCC that he “did not want to give a false positive” to the IG because “it would have serious consequences for the FBI, which would make its work and its credibility all the more difficult.”

OIG also found Cisert did not disclose that Google Audit “assessed compliance” with the FBI policy, which states that an audit should be “based on the report of an independent audited analyst.”

O’Connell also said that the Inspector General’s report did not reveal how Google audits were used in “compliance” or “compliance reviews” for law enforcement agencies.

OIC has not yet issued a formal statement on the IG report.

OSC spokesman Dan Coats told The Hill that OCC would “take appropriate action” in response to the inspector’s report.

The department did not respond to a request for comment on the OCC report.

“We look forward to a thorough review by OCC and will provide any additional information we receive,” Coats said in an email.

ONC’s inspector noted that Google audits for compliance reviews are not limited to the FBI or DOJ.

It said it “also provides audit reports for many other entities, including the Federal Reserve, and for the U.S. Postal Service.”

The IG also found the DOJ has used Google auditors to check “whether or not [FBI] agents are comfortable” with “specific policies” and that the department was “not aware of any instances where DOJ or FBI agents have used this tool for compliance.”

The inspector also found no instances where OCC auditors “concluded that DOJ or [FBI agent] auditing was not satisfactory.”

OAG spokesman Paul Jaffa also said in a statement that “the FBI is working closely with OOC on this issue.”

The DOJ did not immediately respond to the Washington Post’s request for additional comment.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has asked the FBI for documents related to the DOJ audit tool, as well as any other documents related or related to its use of Google audit.

The letter comes as the FBI continues to grapple with the fallout from the FBI probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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