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Laine Hardy auditioned for the role of Laine Hardy in an upcoming Netflix series

Laine is one of those people you wouldn’t want to have around your apartment if you were a kid.

But Hardy is a seasoned actor who’s earned the respect of some of Hollywood’s top directors and has made a name for himself playing troubled actors in films like “American Sniper” and “Black Swan.”

Hardy was also a key part in the Netflix series “Laine Hardly,” which stars Hardy as the troubled ex-convict who became an unlikely mentor to a young woman who ends up being the star of a Netflix series.

The series is about a young man whose life is turned upside down when he meets Laine, who turns out to be the only person who could help him with his problems.

He’s not the type to turn to the police, but he has to figure out how to deal with his own demons, Hardy told The Hollywood Reporter in January.

“I was very drawn to the character, the character was such a perfect match for my personality and I had such a great time playing the character,” Hardy said.

“He was such an interesting, engaging character.

I felt like he could be such a good mentor to me and help me find my voice.”

In this photo taken on July 8, 2018, actress Laine Loughrey (L) and her husband, actor Josh Sapano, arrive at the premiere of the upcoming Netflix original series “Boldly You” in New York.

(AP Photo/Andrew Burton) Netflix has been developing a show called “Boldsly You,” which is about Laine’s rise to fame and eventual tragic death in “American Psycho.”

He plays a guy who falls in love with a beautiful, but troubled girl who he goes to high school with and eventually becomes her mentor.

It’s the sort of show Hardy was excited about, and the fact that Netflix is working with him and others like him, especially Hardy, is pretty cool, said David Hodge, Netflix’s head of original content.

“The fact that this is a show based on someone who has worked with Netflix, he has a great rapport with the studio and we really respect that, and we feel that Laine has a similar respect for Netflix and how they are creating their own original content,” Hodge said.

Hardy is just one of the many actors who have expressed interest in the role.

In a statement from Netflix, Hardy said he is “so excited to be joining this amazing cast.”

“I’m so excited to work with this amazing crew and crew are really passionate about making boldly you,” he said.

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