Which Chicago auditions are most interesting?

It’s hard to beat a few auditions, even though you’re unlikely to see them at a real-life audition.

And, since the auditions come at the beginning of the year, you might be surprised to see what kind of talent they have in mind.

Here are 10 Chicago auditors that you might not be able to see for the first time:Sara K.B.M.C.A.C.’s Sam McManus is the director of the auditing lab in Chicago.

His lab has been at the forefront of auditing in the city since he was a graduate student in 2008.

“Auditing is a huge field, but it’s also one that requires a lot of work and expertise,” he said.

“There are people in Chicago that are just absolutely amazing at what they do, but there’s a lot that goes into it that is not necessarily obvious.”

Marks & Spencer’s Pauline Alegria is the executive director of Chicago’s auditing program.

“I’m definitely an expert on auditing,” she said.

Alegrian also teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she also teaches the course on audiology and auditing.

She is a native of Italy who moved to Chicago in 2007 to become a professor at the School of Communication and Interaction at the UI.

She has worked at Marks & Spencer since 2008 and has been a teacher at the company for eight years.

“I think we have some really great people in the industry,” Alegrias said.

She added that there’s something to be said for people working on auditions because there’s so much to be learned.

“If we were just a bunch of good actors, then we would be in a lot more trouble,” she added.

M&Ms. is a small company with about 40 employees.

They are a large employer in the City of Chicago, with more than 30 locations in the region.

The company hires local auditors to run its audit program, and they are responsible for running a range of programs including criminal background checks, background checks for job candidates, and audits of employees’ paychecks.

In the auditors’ offices, the audits are overseen by a certified auditing professional.

The company hires Chicago residents to run the audit team and has a large office in the Loop that is staffed with several full-time employees, according to a spokesperson for the company.

It is not clear how many jobs are in the audited positions, although one employee told the Chicago Tribune that there were several positions in auditing, including in the finance department.

Mitsubishi UFJ, a global company with more about 20,000 employees, is a global leader in the business of auditors and auditors-turned-corporate accountants.

“Mitsubsishi is one of the largest auditing companies in the world, and we are always looking for more qualified people to lead our auditing team,” a spokesperson said.

M&M is based in Tokyo, Japan.

“It’s a huge market, and I think the more people we have working, the more they will have a better chance to have the right people and the right skills,” said the spokesperson.

Mitsubishis auditing division is based out of Tokyo.

“The majority of our staff is Japanese,” the spokesperson said, adding that M&Ms hires Japanese as well as Americans and other ethnicities.MGM is a major employer in Chicago, accounting for about 15% of the company’s payroll, and employs roughly 15,000 people.

The Detroit-based company employs about 8,000 full- and part-time workers.

“As the largest entertainment business in the United States, MGM has a strong presence in Chicago,” the company said in a statement.

“Our global network of auditions has allowed us to gain insight into the diverse communities in which we operate.”

The statement added that “the diversity of our auditors is of great interest to our audition team.”

Kohl’s, which employs about 15,500 people in a handful of locations, is also a big employer in Chicagoland, and has an auditing department that hires local residents to help run its auditing service.

“Kohls is a great company, and it’s really important that we have the best and most qualified people,” a spokeswoman for the audition office told the Associated Press.

“That’s why our auditions team is staffed by people who are passionate about helping to meet their client’s needs.”

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