The dating site for men and women has launched a series of auditions that are available to watch now.

In the upcoming series of videos, men and boys will compete for jobs, with one of the audition opportunities called “GYNAES”.

The video series will also feature male actors and female models auditioning for jobs and models from other popular shows like “The Bachelor”, “The Voice” and “The Bachelorette”.

The videos will begin airing on August 4 and will feature three male and three female models competing in various roles.

Each male model will wear a different costume, while the female models will wear different outfits.

“This is a series that we think will give you a sense of who the men and girls are on a level playing field and that they have a lot of potential,” said the company in a statement.

Gymnastics coach and former Olympic gymnast David McLeod, who is also a model, has been chosen to perform at the auditions.

The “Gymnasium” audition is currently live on the site and will be followed by a live audition on August 18.

In addition, the website has launched an ad for the “Girls” auditions series.

“This is an opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to be a real girl in the gym,” the ad reads.

In one of McLeod’s videos, the “Gynastics” coach asks his male models if they’d be interested in taking on a part in a reality show called “The Gym”.

“Do you want to be the Gymleader, the Gym Leader, the Girl Leader?

Or is it more like the Gym Owner?”

McLeod asks his models.

The model then responds, “That’s right!

The Gym Owner!”

The site has also launched an audition for a “Bachelor” and a “Teen Mom” star.

Both shows have previously launched an auditions for female models to audition for roles.

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