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How to audit a software audit

In a world of ever-expanding software audits, how do you get your software audit report approved? 

The Audit Software Suite, by the UK-based software audit firm, has developed a software system for auditing auditing software applications.

The company has also developed a platform to allow users to run auditing tasks remotely from the browser or mobile phone, allowing the user to audit on a computer, tablet or smart phone. 

The software can run on any computer (desktop or laptop) running the Microsoft Windows operating system, or on an Android tablet or smartphone. 

“Audit software applications are a key element of the audit process,” says the Auditorium’s CEO Vincent Pachol. 

He adds, “There are two different ways to audit software applications: using the audit suite or running the audit. 

You can run the audit from the command line, or you can run it from the mobile app on your smartphone.”

The Mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and has been developed by the firm to provide an audit environment in which users can run audited tasks remotely. 

Vince Pachollo says the audit tool is used by users to run the tasks on their mobile device.

 “We also support mobile audit apps, which allow the user to audit their software application from a mobile phone or desktop,” he says. 

There are currently two types of mobile audit tools: Mobile Apps that allow users to run audited task remotely from a computer and Desktop Apps that allow users  to execute audited commands remotely from their smartphone.

Audit applications can run remotely from an Android tablet or a mobile phone (the latter being used by more users). 

“Our audit tool allows you to audit your software application remotely from your smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone,” Pachol says. 

It also provides the ability to run audit on a computer or desktop computer, but not both. 

Purchasing the Auditing Suite is free and the software is available for all devices. 

To use the mobile auditing software, you have to have a certificate for the app. 

Certificates are required for certification of the app (either through the VeriSign certificates or another certifying organization), but the app can be used from any device. 

Users can use the mobile app to perform a multi-step approval of an application by asking it to approve the application and then approve the approvals with the certifier for a single step. 

Once the auditor approves the app, the user can run the task remotely from any device and verify the audit result. 

If the user approved the audit as approved the certifications and the signature was verified, they can complete the step and submit the report. 

An audit report can also be released as an online document by using a web server to send the report to any email address. As shown above, the Mobile App and Desktop Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. 

 Pichol also notes that mobile auditing apps can be used to audit the performance of software as well. 

However, he suspects that this is the first time mobile audits have been used for audits. 

I could see a future where mobile devices are used as audit devices in a way that is similar to the way the Internet of Things has been used for the last decade. 

A lot of technology is being exploited to give auditors access to sensitive information and, more importantly, to make auditer software auditing more accessible to more people. 

While auditation has been re-introduced as a service for audit software applications, audience research is also still under investigation in the use of audition as the next investment for software audit and audit audite software. 

For a large company like Microsoft 

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