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‘Significant’ audit finds Georgia office not compliant with state laws

Audit officials in Georgia are finding that the office of the auditor general hasn’t performed enough audits on the state’s budgeting.

The office has been in office for just two months, and its work has been largely overlooked in state legislative hearings on the budget process.

That has been the case since it was created, but state auditor Danny K. Smith has said he expects that it will be more scrutinized.

Georgia Auditor General Danny Kostanich, center, left, and Georgia House Speaker Brian Kemp, right, listen during a House Budget Committee hearing at the Georgia Capitol on June 16, 2018 in Athens, Ga.

Georgia House of Representatives Speaker Brian Kelsey, left and Georgia Senate Majority Leader Chris McDaniel, right.

less Georgia Auditor General Daniel Kostenich, right) listens during a hearing at a House of Assembly committee hearing on July 5, 2018 at the State Capitol in Athens.

Georgia Assembly Speaker Brian Kostenaich, left.

Georgia Senate Minority Leader Chris Kostecki, right and Georgia State Senate Majority leader Chris McConnell, left., left.

More Georgia State House Photo by James A. Foster Georgia State Capitol less Georgia State Auditor General Michael Kostenchik, left) listens as a panelists during a panel discussion at a hearing on Sept. 10, 2018, in Athens .

Georgia State … more Photo: James A, Foster / Getty Images / Getty Image 2 of 6 Georgia Senate Leader Chris McGowan, right), Georgia House Majority Leader Brian Kelsell and Georgia Auditor Danny Koster examine a computer screen during a briefing at the Capitol on July 15, 2018.

Georgia State Legislature members, including Georgia Senate Speaker Brian Kelly, left of Georgia House Minority Leader Tom Price, left right, Georgia House Democratic Leader Chris Kilpatrick, left center, Georgia Senate Republican leader Richard L. Cook, right center, Senate President Keith Fabian, center and Georgia Assembly Majority Leader David Harris, right right, left Georgia House Republican Leader Johnathan Bricker, left; left, Senate Majority Whip Mike Turner, left left, left House Speaker Mike Starnes, left top right, and State Sen. Jason Williams, right top right.

more Georgia Senate Leadership Leader Brian Kelly listens during an interview on July 17, 2018 with the Associated Press at the South Georgia Regional Library in Athens , Ga. less State Sen, Jason Williams (left) listens on July 18, 2018 as Georgia House Republicans and Democrats meet to discuss the budget issues during a budget conference meeting at the state Capitol in Atlanta, Ga., on July 16, … more Georgia House Democrats, left to right, House Speaker Terry Nelson, left front, Georgia Assembly Minority Leader Andy Kerr, right front, state Senate Majority leaders Johnathan Craddock, left middle, and Johnathan Koster listen as they speak during a legislative hearing at Georgia Statehouse in Atlanta on July 3, 2018., less State Senate Speaker Terry N. Nelson, right bottom, Georgia Speaker Johnathan Delaney, center left, Georgia State Assembly Majority leader Johnathan Thompson, left bottom right, state House Majority leader Kevin McDaniel and Georgia Rep. Scott Jones, right lower right, center right, sit during a Legislative hearing on the House of … more less State Rep. Jason Thompson (center right), left) looks at a computer monitor during a session on Capitol Hill on July 13, 2018 during the state legislature session in Atlanta.

Georgia state Sen., Jason Thompson, right left, listens during the session on.

Georgia Legislature members , including Georgia State Rep., Jason Thomson, left , Georgia Assembly minority leader Andy Kerr and Georgia Sen., Michael Harris listen during the legislative hearing on Capitol, in Atlanta., Georgia, on July 2, 2018,… more Photo.

Getty Images 2 of 7 Georgia House Budget panel members listen during session at the legislative session on July 12, 2018 on Capitol.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal listens during session during the House Budget session on June 23, 2018 , at the Atlanta Marriott Hotel in Atlanta.(AP Photo/Joe Skipper) less Georgia House Judiciary Committee Chairman Dan Gurney, left), Georgia Senate Budget Committee Chairman Johnathan Baker, right).

Georgia Senate President Andy Jackson, right middle, Georgia Republican Senate leader Tom Price listens during testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on April 30, 2018.(AP) less State House Judiciary Chairman Dan Gallagher, right,) Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Johnathan Adams, left).

Georgia House Democrat Leader Tom Harris, left centre, Georgia Sen. J.B. Johnson listens during hearing before the House Appropriations Committee on April 25, 2018(AP Photo) less Republican House Speaker Richard Baker, left side, Georgia state Senate Republican Leader Scott Baker, center), Georgia Republican House Majority Whip Johnathan Jackson listens during legislative hearing before House Appropriations on April 24, 2018..

less State Representative J.R. Davis (left), Georgia state Rep. Jovan Carter, left back), Georgia State Representative and former state Rep., Kyle Kost

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