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FNC’s ‘Big Brother’ audition log: Big Brother airs on Wednesday at 8PM ET/PT with Big Brother: Live on Audience (2/21/18)

Big Brother fans, get ready for some Big Brother-themed surprises at your next event.

Big Brother is airing a new episode Wednesday night, which will feature a Big Brother audition log, which features scenes from the series’ first season, plus scenes from episodes airing last week.

In the Big Brother log, viewers can see what is seen on the show on Tuesday.

In the Big Sister log, the show’s hosts, Big Brother’s Jeff Probst and Danielle DiLorenzo, are looking for a new Big Brother housemate.

Probst asked viewers to name a new housemate who “would be a real threat to the Big B. If you don’t know what a threat is, we don’t need you.

Just write it down.”

(In the previous log, Big Sister was the first housemate Probst had to cast, and her role was also played by a female contestant.)

“That housemate has to be someone that you have a very strong bond with,” Probst said.

“That person has to feel comfortable being on the Big Show.

The person who is the most comfortable on the Show and can take charge in any situation is the housemate you have to go home to.

That person needs to be a really good person, and that person needs an awesome personality.”

If you can’t think of one, the Big House will also feature a “Big Brother Live” auditions log, in which viewers can vote for the person they would like to see on the next Big Brother, which is currently airing in its second season.

The auditions are available to watch for free on FNC, the cable channel that aired Big Brother in 2016.

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