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When a ‘Disney’ movie is about your life and not your career

A review of the Disney Channel’s “Disney” movie The Art of the Story, a parody of popular adult film “The Art of Menace” series, revealed that the film is really about your job and not about your career.

The film, which debuted in September, stars Michael K. Williams as a young accountant who becomes a full-time Disney employee after his father dies and he is forced to quit his job.

His job is to keep the company afloat by running the company’s movie theater, which is staffed by an array of female characters.

But, in a scene set in a studio in the 1950s, Williams is shown as a full employee of the company.

In the scene, Williams works at a local film studio, and he tells his boss, “I’m not here to do my job, and that’s the job.”

After the scene ends, the boss tells him, “We’re going to have to find a way to keep that job.

You’ll be fine.

We’ll keep doing it.”

Williams responded, “Yes, boss.

Yes, boss.”

Williams was interviewed by the ABCs “Good Morning America” after the scene aired.

ABC anchor Robin Roberts said the film has a “very specific” message, saying that it is a commentary on the “real” work that comes from having a full time job.

“You’re trying to figure out how you’re going get a job, what you’re doing for a living, how much money you have, how you can make a living and then how you go out and actually earn that money,” she said.

“We see a lot of people, when they’re looking for a job in this industry, who are working at their job for the first time and who think that’s going to be it.

And the truth is, this job is the last thing that they’re going do,” she continued.

The scene ends with Williams, as an employee of Disney, saying, “Yeah, I guess I’ll be out in the parking lot.”ABC reporter Robin Roberts: When you first came on the job, did you ever think that it was going to take off?

Michael Williams: No, I didn’t think that, Robin Roberts.

I mean, I knew it was a possibility, but I didn�t know that it would take off like this.

Michael Williams: Yeah, I thought it was gonna be, you know, the next thing I thought, I know I can do this.

Robin Roberts (voice-over): What was the job?

Michael Williams (voice): It was just one of those things, Robin, that I thought that, you can go to the store and I can come in and be a cashier.

Robin Rogers: You can go out in a store, Michael Williams, and do this thing.

Michael Williams ( voice): You can do anything.

Robin Roberts: Wow.

Michael’s in a job that pays $13 an hour.

He’s in the movie theater.

He can do all the things that a cash register does.

Michael K. Rizzo, an actor and a former Disney employee, wrote on Twitter that Williams is in fact “working the graveyard shift.”

He also called the scene “fucking brilliant.”

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