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Which of the playbill auditors is most credible?

On Monday, The American Conservatives took aim at the Auditors General and their annual Climate Audit, which it says is a politically motivated, biased exercise.

“In 2016, the auditors’ report was a political-driven and partisan exercise aimed at undermining the American people,” the group said in a statement.

“The auditors concluded that the American public is more concerned about climate change than the auditing agencies.”

The auditing agency’s climate audit, for instance, concluded that climate change is real and is happening now, even though it has been largely ignored by the administration of President Donald Trump.

“While the Auditing Agencies’ report makes an argument for the need for greater regulation, the agency itself concludes that regulatory action has been too slow and too slow to be effective,” the statement continued.

“Despite the agency’s stated desire to address climate change, the AG’s report is far from unbiased, and is biased to the detriment of the American taxpayer.”

The American Conservatives claim the report is biased because it does not look at the full impact of climate change on the U.S. economy, while other groups have done this.

The auditions for the 2017 climate audit focused on whether the audited institutions are fully informed about the impacts of climate science on the economy, climate policy, and climate mitigation.

The auditors are also required to include an assessment of whether the agencies are “fully engaged in climate change policy analysis.”

The Auditing Agency’s report, dated May 2, 2016, concluded the audits findings are “fair and objective.”

The auditor’s report noted that the auditor’s review did not consider whether the companies or institutions could provide accurate data on the impacts on climate change.

The American Conservative said it has written to the Audits Agency and to the other auditing groups, as well as the president of the Audited Consumer Council, to “make clear our concerns regarding the bias of the 2016 climate audit report.”

It has also requested a copy of the auditions report.

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