An integrated audit for U.S. companies

U.K.-based consultancy Verve is creating an audit suite for all U.N. member states.

The suite will help organizations track and analyze their performance on the global stage, as well as make it easier for them to audit their internal processes, said Daniela Nettles, the firm’s head of global enterprise compliance.

The company is developing a free version of the suite that will be released this year.

Nettles said the suite will enable businesses to track how they have been performing, and will help them understand their internal challenges.

It will also allow them to assess the impact of internal processes on their bottom line, she said.

The firm is using its audit suite to help U.

Ns. prepare for upcoming elections and international meetings.

It is a part of a wider effort to make it more user-friendly for businesses and governments around the world.

For the U.P., it’s part of its new corporate accountability program.

Its global audit initiative is part of an overall strategy to better understand the organizations around the globe and identify the gaps in their operations and processes.

The U.M. and others are using similar audit tools to help them identify their own problems, and to get their teams up to speed on their systems and processes, according to the firm.

The U.B.C. and the U,M.

have already been using this suite, which is still in beta, to analyze the impact on their businesses of the Brexit vote in the U.

“The partnership with Verve will be part of our broader strategy to build and deliver a suite of audit tools that enable the UB.

A.s audit team to assess and monitor their performance in their respective jurisdictions,” Nettls said.

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