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What audit process and testing will Fulton County do when it investigates complaints

Fulton County has started a process to investigate complaints filed with the county auditor, an audit audit process that county officials say has helped them weed out bad actors.

The county auditor’s office will review complaints against the auditor and provide a written response within 60 days.

Fulton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Tom Latta said he was encouraged by the announcement and expects that it will lead to the audit process being completed faster.

“I’m glad that the auditor has been more proactive in this regard,” Latta told The Associated Press.

“We need to take the initiative to make sure we’re doing this right.”

A Fulton County auditor’s report was last reviewed by a federal judge in January, and the auditor is still working to determine if there is a need to review the complaint process.

Latta said the county was not surprised to hear the auditor’s decision, but that the department was already working on a plan to review complaints filed against the office and provide the auditor with a written explanation of why the complaint was deemed a valid complaint.

He said the department had previously begun an audit process to look at the auditor through a process that involved more than two dozen people, including six auditors.

The auditor did not identify the six people.

The audit process was also in the works before the Fulton County Board appointed the auditor in April, but was stalled by complaints about the auditor being slow to respond to complaints.

The auditors review of complaints involves reviewing each complaint within 15 days, and then using that review to determine whether the auditor can take action.

The auditor’s review process is expected to take at least one year.

Latta said the audit would take several months to complete, and it was likely to cost at least $300,000 to $400,000.

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