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Why Are You Still Doing the ‘Nude’ Auditions?

If you’ve been watching the latest crop of male actors vying for an Oscar nomination, you’ll have noticed that many of them have been using the “Nude” audition process.

It’s a method of auditioning that has been around for years, but it’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

Now, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is calling on male actors to stop using the system and to instead be more respectful and to get the job done on the big screen.

It recommends that male actors “adopt a new process” that requires the actor to be completely nude before he is even considered for an audition. 

While the academy is not calling for anyone to change their mind about how they dress, the recommendations are a step in the right direction, Amy Poehler said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week.

“I think it’s a great idea.

It should be done,” she said.

“It’s not the way it should be.”

The process has been used by many prominent actors in recent years.

In addition to being nominated for an Academy Award, Benedict Cumberbatch, who is also gay, received an Oscar for best supporting actor in a film last year.

The Academy of Country Music also announced last year that it is going to introduce a new form of the “nude” process that is “more inclusive and more respectful.” 

As a member of the Academy, Poehler has been outspoken about the importance of the process and the need to change it.

In the past, she has made clear that she will not take any kind of negative comments about the process seriously.

“The truth is, I don’t think that you can get to the Oscars if you can’t get to work,” she told Ellen in February.

“We’re trying to change the world in a way that’s good for all of us, and so when people are making fun of something that’s going on in the industry and are saying it’s disrespectful, I just say, ‘You guys are being too critical, but you’re not helping.'”

And she also noted that “there are still so many great people in this industry and in the business.” 

The academy recommends that men should be asked if they have any special challenges in the audition process, as well as how they can be more careful in selecting the right actor to play a part. 

The recommendations are not intended to be the final word on whether or not a man should change his appearance in order to play an actor. 

“As the Academy has said, the most important part of the ‘nude’ audition is that you have complete control over your own body,” Amy Poehlis said in a statement to Variety.

“To have that ability to choose a partner, make the most of your body, and to do it respectfully, that’s the important part.”

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