How to win the Audition for “The Martian”

The Martian opens on November 25, 2017 and opens to $80 million.

The film stars Matt Damon as the eponymous astronaut and, in the final scene, plays the role of an astronaut trapped in the Red Planet.

But a lot of fans are going to be tuning in for this first look at what will be a fascinating first look into the Mars mission of this film.

The Martian is a movie that has been around for a while now, so there’s a good chance that audiences will see the film and be ready for something new and exciting.

To get an early look, you should head over to, where we’re giving away a free Audition card to the first 500 people who sign up.

Auditioncard is free and offers a chance to win a free $20 Audition credit.

You can check out the full rules here, but the key points are that you need to sign up for the site and submit your audition.

If you’ve already signed up on and haven’t yet submitted your audition, you’re probably already in, so we suggest you do so now.

In order to get your free Auditions card, you have to have an Auditions account, which can be found here.

You have to be a registered user on, which you can do by visiting the site and logging in.

If the site is still up and you’re not yet registered, you can sign up on the site now.

Once you have an account, click the sign up button and follow the instructions.

You’ll then get an email that you can click on and sign up to Auditions for free.

Once that’s done, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can register for your account.

You should now have an official Auditions profile and be able to login to the site.

You’re going to need to enter your name, your email address, and password.

Click the sign in button and the link should pop up.

Your profile will then show up on your screen.

You don’t have to do anything to use it, but it’s a great way to start your own personal Auditions site and get started.

Once logged in, you need only click on your profile to view it.

Now that your profile is up and running, you will see that you’re going into a list of people you have signed up for Auditions with.

Each person has a name, email address and password for the site, and it’s important that you use these to sign into your account.

Now you can enter your audition name, which is the name of the actor you are auditioning for.

You also need to select who the person is going to audition for.

This is the person you want to audition with.

The first step is going into your Audition site and creating an account.

There are plenty of ways to do this, but for now, we’re going with the most common way to do it: click on the “Create Account” button and then click “Create Audition.”

Once you’ve done that, you are now going to enter the name, age and audition location for the person to audition against.

You will be able click “Next” on this page to select the actor that you want.

When you do that, your audition is over.

The person who auditioned against you now knows who you are, and that person is now your Auditor.

To use this method, you don’t need to register an account at all.

Once your audition has ended, you still need to go back into your profile and use your name and audition date to create your Audited.

This gives you access to your profile, which includes the names of the actors who you have auditioned with.

You now have a record of who has auditioned and who has not.

You then need to send the name and date of your audition to the person who you’re auditioning with.

To send that, click on “Submit” and then fill out the form on the left.

Then click “Submit.”

When the form is finished, you simply click “Send” on the right side of the screen and the person receiving the email will receive an email containing a confirmation link for you.

The process of creating your account is pretty straightforward.

Once everything is done, click “Sign Up” and the page will open.

On the left side of that page is an option to select your Auditing username and password, as well as your Audiosite account and then add your Auditors name and address.

Once the site has sent that email, you won’t be able visit the site anymore and will need to login again.

Once there, you just need to click on a link on the top of the page to go to the Auditor’s page.

Once on that page, you want the page that has

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