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How a former CIA agent’s new business helps US defense contractor win $4.7 billion defense contract

A defense contractor in Texas has won a $4 billion contract to manage data analytics and other services for Lockheed Martin Corp. — a key piece of the Pentagon’s cyberwarfare effort.

The contractor, Turbotaxis, said Thursday that the award is the largest contract in the company’s history and the largest defense contract ever awarded by Lockheed Martin to an independent contractor.

The firm has contracts with several companies, including the Pentagon, the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines and the Army.

Turbots defense chief is Mike Nesmith, who left Lockheed Martin last year after 11 years at the defense contractor.

The award will go to Turbos chief executive officer, Brian Furlong, the company said in a statement.

Travotaxis will work with Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors to create a new business model that will enable the company to more quickly respond to critical needs and to develop capabilities to support military operations, it said.

Turbotatos business model will include a robust, self-funded, secure data analytics capability that can leverage cloud computing technology, TravoTaxis said.

“The Turbotics business model is a unique one and has proven successful at providing high-performance, scalable, and affordable data analytics to the U.S. Department of Defense, enabling the defense industry to better support its mission and meet its national security goals,” Travos chief operating officer said in the statement.

Travotatos new business models are expected to create thousands of jobs, the statement said.

The $4-billion contract will be awarded over five years and is the third time Travonaxis has won an award from the Pentagon.

The first contract was awarded in July 2010 for the acquisition of the first T-50 attack helicopter and was awarded to a private company, T-6.

Tavotax was founded in 2015 by former CIA analyst and former intelligence analyst James Baker.

The company specializes in providing intelligence-gathering capabilities to U.T.S., which is the Pentagons cyberdefense division.

Tovotax will operate a fleet of four T-54 tanks that the U to provide intelligence to the military, the Pentagon said in March.

The tanks are part of the UT-60A commando tank brigade.

Trucks of the T-60B tank brigade have been on display in the Pentagon for more than a year.

The brigade is one of the largest units of the military and the second largest contingent of U.K. troops in Europe.

Tuberculosis in the U, also known as COVID-19, has killed at least 3,871 people in the United States and nearly 500,000 in the world.

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